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Let us write your social media content and stories

We help companies build their content strategy, drive SEO, and create their entire information architecture.We write for individuals, big & small companies, and sometimes even for videos, printed publications, Blogs, and  Apps.

Blog Articles

We can provide regular articles for blogs and newsletters, and specialise in technical and B2B clients.

SEO Strategy

Our content works alongside your website SEO strategies to drive traffic and new visitors to your website. We specialise in integrating our content with your SEO strategy.

Information architecture

As professional content writers, we make sure information written well, is well structured and gains the right attention, information, desire and action.

Content Strategy

No matter how busy you are in your business, we know there are great stories to tell to your audiences about your unique value propostion or value add. We are trained to identify a great story that will work for your social media, newsletters, websites, white papers and more.

Product Reviews

The best complement is someones recommendation of your business, product or service. We can take the hard work out of your hands, and get your customers to provide a great story or testimonial about you. Great for social media sharing and even better of customer engagement.

Creative Copywriting

Writing is our profession, it may not be yours. We love assisting businesses in getting their stories across to their target audiences. Our copywriting is used for all communication tools, from digital to print, video, radio and TV.


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Make Your Content a Priority.

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Increase Conversion Rates

Content is King, that’s what your web manager and Google will tell you. We write content that helps your website get traffic and allows you to convert visitors to clients!

Reduce Bounce Rate

The right content engages the right audience, on the right page, a the right time. If your website doesn’t have great content, your bounce rate (visitors leaving after visiting only one page) will be high, and your opportunity to engage will be lost. Our content ensures maximum engagement with your audiences, followers and web visitors.

Drive More Traffic

Great content captures the attention of your target audience. It allows Google to push your website to the top of their search results page, and gets visitors to the right page of your website as quick as possible. That’s why investing in a strong content provider can be crucial for your business.
Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I didn't realise how much business I was missing out on, until Outback Digital Marketing helped us set up and deliver regular posts about us on Linkedin and Twitter.

Peter Pick, Owner @ Nine Lives Consulting

We've tripled our inbound enquiries since Outback Marketing started writing our Social Media content. For a small monthly fee, we are gaining a lot more interest in our services. Well worth the investment!

Louise, Services Manager @ Recruitment Agency

We never thought of Social Media as a marketing tool for our business. Now we get 80% of our new business referals through Facebook. I love this service! Low Cost, Great Returns!

Brad, Manager @ DG Pty Ltd

Sometimes we just write about Writing

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